Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Preparing for the tour...

So many things have to be accomplished in preparation for the national tour, planning, ordering items, printing and about a hundred other details no one could understand unless they have helped in the actual tour; with that said we finally have set out. This year because we wanted to tour the west coast and save time we decided to fly to California, do a lot of the on ground logistics here and set out a couple of days later, this is where we are at now, today! We landed last night, exhausted...we have shipped a ton of items here prior so first on the agenda was to pick up the 15 passenger van, and set up a meeting time to retrieve our shipments. The time change has brought me to awake at 4am, clearly going to sleep to early California time last night; now we have a to early start today, lol.  Wish us luck we have a busy time ahead!

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  1. Good luck Monica to a successful tour.

    Our rally stop for our dad, David V. Neily in Mendocino, CA is so important to us that my brother was determined to get there. Yesterday when he arrived in Denver by bus it got overbooked. Thankfully he got a refund because the alternate route would not have worked. I picked him up and he is currently driving mostly non-stop to get there by early Thur so he can post flyers for our stop on Fri.

    I don't know if we are the only family driving so far to our stop but we've been through a lot these past 3 days getting ready for it.